Education is an important daily activity that every human is involved in. However, formal education takes place within classrooms, where students are expected to congregate daily for most of the years, and a teacher put them in different subjects and courses. The implication is that education involves a gathering of people who gather together to learn in an educational environment.

With the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging most nations of the world, including the USA, for most of the year 2020, every activity that required people to gather was discouraged as much as possible. The implication is that where possible, people were stopped and even forced to stop gathering. This was aimed at reducing the rate of spread of the pandemic. One of the places that were closed down due to the pandemic is schools. Hence, students were forced to stay at home.

The Coronavirus pandemic, even though still very much around, has seen a significant reduction in the rate of recovery to the rate of death. The implication is that more people are now recovering than they are dying compared to when the Coronavirus pandemic first started. The world is also beginning to open up again as much as possible. Lockdowns and bans on movement have been relaxed as people are now allowed to move around and International flights have also resumed. Schools are opening up as well.

For most developing countries, including America, the major impact on education due to the Coronavirus pandemic is the lack of physical classes. Most schools were able to quickly shift their activities online and students were able to take their classes and their exams on the Internet. The implication is that the education sector continued to make progress even though most people were now schooling from their homes. Students took online education courses that would have them looking forward to completing their schools soon enough and start applying for jobs. To apply for such jobs, they would need to get a resume. It is possible to get tips on how to go about creating your resume by reading Resume Genius reviews.

With the Coronavirus not fully gone yet, schools will continue to encourage students to keep to the measures that were introduced to curb the spread of the virus. Hence, as physical activities begin to resume in schools, the students will be expected to abide by the safety rules of the CDC and WHO to reduce their risk of contracting the virus.

Students in America while resuming school will be expected to come to school with their facemask on. The use of the facemask is expected to protect them and at the same time protect others from the virus. The face mask has been proven to be able to significantly reduce the risk of contracting the virus, especially when the mask is worn by both individuals.

Students will also be expected to avoid contact with other students as much as possible. This is based on the social distancing principle that has been encouraged in every country that the virus has affected. It is believed that the more people can keep away from other people, the lesser the chances of contracting the virus. This, of course, was the major reason why lockdowns were implemented as it was aimed at stopping people from having a close distance with others. Hence, the schools in the USA that are resuming will be expected to separate to put some distance between the chairs people are to sit on and to supervise them to ensure that they do not sit too close to other students.

There is also the use of sanitizers and washing of hands that have been encouraged. This is expected to help with ridding the hands of the virus, should an individual have touched an infected person or surface. Hence, it will be expected that schools will put in place many points where students can wash their hands with soap and running water as well as strategic placements of sanitizers. Students will also be expected to make regular and judicious use of the washing centers and sanitizers towards keeping themselves and their fellow students safe. With progress being made on vaccines, it is expected that before the end of 2023, all American students would have been vaccinated and life can go back to normal without the need for face masks, sanitizers, and social distancing.