Exploring the Intersection of Science Education and 21st Century Skills: A Workshop Summary

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For example, infants make an ontological distinction between objects with or without self-initiated motion (animate vs. inanimate). This distinction can then be used productively to categorize new, beforehand unseen, objects and attribute to them characteristics of animate or inanimate objects, similar to solidity, want for help and the presence or absence of intentionality (Vosniadou and Brewer, 1992, 1994).

Campus directors tended to regard such tasks as a sideshow – the higher-schooling monetary crunch was not fairly as critical back then – so most experiments have been the work of committed individuals, departments or analysis centers. But with the relentless advance of technologies such as broadband, social networking and smart phones, researchers’ interest continued to develop. Similar conversations have been taking place at major universities all over the world, as dozens – 74, at the final depend – rush to sign up. Science, engineering and technology courses have been within the vanguard of the motion, but offerings in management, humanities and the humanities are rising in popularity (see ‘MOOCs rising’). “In 25 years of observing higher schooling, I’ve never seen something move this fast,” says Mitchell Stevens, a sociologist at Stanford and one of the leaders of an … Read More