Common misconceptions about online learning

Online learning continues to rise in popularity, despite those who still believe the misconceptions about this method of learning. Read on for some of the most common but incorrect assumptions about gaining a qualification online, and the reasons why so many students are choosing this option over studying at a brick-and-mortar university.

Online learning is easier

Most commonly, people assume online learning is the easier option. For many years, many employers might have been inclined to believe this too. However, this is not true. There are some reasons students may find it easier to study remotely, but that doesn’t mean it’s easier overall.

For example, the online data science masters with Baylor University is accredited and is as valuable in the workplace as the same level of qualification gained from any other university. Being able to study online means more people can study for a new career, without having to move or lose their income. The curriculum will still cover all the necessary knowledge and build on much-needed skills. However, students need to motivate themselves and commit to setting regular time aside, so this can be more appealing to employers, because of the mindset it instills in online graduates.

There is no help or support

The misconception that online learning means no help or support is available during your learning is linked to past experiences of learning where this was the case and has been passed around over the years, with people believing all learning is this way today. However, … Read More

How To Survive Year 1 University Drug Free

It’s the time of year when students enter university and endure their first year. It’s a first year that will often involve leaving home for the first time and doing things like cooking, cleaning and day-to-day living on your own. That means making your own life choices.

And at university, particularly in the first year, those life choices can change the rest of your life. When it comes to alcohol and drugs that’s certainly the case and you’ll be faced with a number of decisions to make, quite early on, about just how much you’re going to experiment with them.

Taking drugs at university can completely change your life and the direction it takes. Visit any rehabilitation centres in the UK and you’ll find a significant portion of those people getting treatment will highlight university days as the period of time they became hooked on the likes of cocaine, weed or amphetamines. That can not only affect your studies, but relationships, friendships and plenty more throughout your life.

So, how do you navigate your first year of university drug free?

Make friends with like-minded people

At university you’ll need to make brand new friends, especially if you have moved quite far away from home. All your life your parents will have told you not to get in with the wrong crowd, and this is the time to take that advice.

Make friends who are like-minded and don’t necessarily have interests in drugs, but rather the things you’re into and passionate … Read More

College education, for Future Life that You Should Know

There is a saying “Seek knowledge until China” means that seeking knowledge must be for everyone, let alone interpreted as far as China. Every young generation certainly college education has dreams and aspirations to be achieved in the future, those dreams will be achieved if you try with all your heart and soul.

college education

Not only trying, college is a learning process that can make our dreams come true.

Lecture is an educational process given to students who have graduated from the equivalent school.

Lectures also share many benefits, here are the benefits of studying for life in the future:

1. Future Investment

The benefits of early college are an investment for the future, because the knowledge gained will be very useful for the future.

The knowledge learned in college can be useful in the world of work and can enter companies according to the field of discipline.

2. Gaining Closeness and Expanding Thinking Methods

College can increase intimacy and networking and broaden the way of thinking, because by studying we will make good friends from the same class, organization or friends of different majors.

Not only that, it also wants to increase the mindset to be older. Because I want to meet students who have various backgrounds.

3. Have Better Job Opportunities

The next benefit of college is to have better job opportunities. This can be proven by the skills/mindset acquired throughout college.

After studying and obtaining a degree, job opportunities will be wide open, especially those who have the … Read More