The Role of Teachers and Parents in Education

As a parent, of course, you realize the importance of education for the child’s future. For this reason, sending children to school with high costs is not a problem, as long as the child is successful and becomes a successful person. Do you know? The success of education in children is not only the responsibility of the school. However, the role of teachers and parents is needed to achieve the success of the education program.

The Role of Teachers and Parents You Must Know

The collaboration of the role of teachers and parents in children’s education will make the results achieved more leverage. The tasks of each role include:


Every parent is responsible for children’s education and health at home. For this reason, parents play an important role in assisting and educating children in their daily lives. Parents’ duties in children’s education include:

Control children’s learning hours at home

As a “teacher” at home, parents are expected to be able to control the time and way of learning of children at home, remind children to learn routinely every day, not only when there is homework to do and ask children to repeat the lessons given by teachers at school.

Monitor academic abilities

Periodically, parents check the child’s test scores and assignments.

Pay attention to the child’s personality

Attitudes, morals, and behavior of children are the responsibility of parents. The child’s personality at home will also affect how he behaves at school.

Helps children recognize themselves

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Understanding Education

1. Understanding Game
Games are English words that mean games or matches, or can be interpreted as structured activities that are usually done for fun. games or games are things that can be played with certain rules so that there are those who win and some who lose, usually in a context not serious with the aim of refreshing. Various games, including:

a. Action

This genre is the most popular type of game. This type of game requires player reflex capabilities. One popular subgenre of action is the First Person Shooter (FPS). In FPS games, speed of thinking is needed. This game is made as if the player is in that atmosphere.

b. Adventure Action

This genre combines action and adventure game play. For example, players are invited to explore underground caves while defeating enemies, and looking for ancient artifacts, or crossing rivers.

c. Simulation, Construction and Management

Players in this game are given freedom

to build and a certain project with limited raw materials.

d. Role Playing Games (RPG)

In RPG players can choose one character to play. As the game level rises, these characters can change, increase their abilities, increase their weapons, or increase their pets.

e. Strategy

Strategy genre focuses on the ability to think and organizational skills. Strategy games are divided into two, namely Turn Based Strategy and Real Time Strategy. If the real time strategy requires the player to make a decision and simultaneously the opponent’s party also acts up to a series of events Read More

How to Train Concentration in Students who are Difficult to Focus Learning

Dealing with children or students who are difficult to focus on learning is certainly a challenge for teachers. Special approach and attention must be given to helping the child. When students are less focused when studying in class or at home, they will have difficulty in paying attention to the instructions given by the teacher and lack of commitment in doing their work. Well, the first thing teachers can do to overcome this is to find ways to train concentration in students and identify and understand the causes of children being less focused when learning.

Basically, attention can arise from interest in something and stimulation. Usually children will feel at home playing games or watching videos for hours but get bored quickly while studying. How come? According to experts, games provide continuous stimulation, supplying dopamine, a brain chemical that functions to regulate focus. Then, how is the way that the teacher can make students focus and concentrate on learning? Check out the following tips.


1. Individual approach to students
An educational psychologist, Anastasia J Wulandasari, explained that in an individual approach, children can be asked what makes them focus. Do not ask the child why he is not focused, still ask how he wants to do a task until it is finished. That way, the teacher can start looking for other activities that will provoke students’ focus. Observe what conditions your child needs when he can focus.

2. Sort tasks into sections
Children who are difficult to focus are
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Boosting morale and achievement as a school counselor


There are lots of exciting things you can do in a career as a school counselor, but sometimes you will find yourself called upon to justify your value to a school board, and then it helps to be able to explain your activities in terms of two areas they understand well: student morale and student achievement. These are, in fact, core areas of focus for every counselor, whether or not you’re used to thinking about them in those terms. Whether you’re working with individuals or at a population level, you’re continually involved in overcoming problems and enhancing motivation, and you also have a key role in providing students with the guidance they need to reach their full potential. This article looks in depth at how this works.

Promote respect for students

In order to feel good about themselves and feel productive, people – in any walk of life – need to know that they are respected. This is no less the case with children and young people. They may not have the knowledge and life experience of adults, but they are still complex human beings with their own interests, concerns and moral priorities, generally trying to do their best in a world that can be confusing and difficult even for those who are much older. By treating them with respect and encouraging teachers and support staff to do likewise, you encourage them to respect themselves. This gives them a much stronger motive to try to be the best that they … Read More

College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

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in Curriculum & Instruction offers you with a powerful foundational information of curriculum and instruction rules and the opportunity to explore academic assessment ideas. With this rigorous graduate diploma, you can choose Science Education as your area of emphasis. For undergraduates interested in teaching center and/or high school mathematics, we provide a one yr publish-graduate grasp’s of trainer degree (PGMT). These studies develop the information and skills you’ll need to become a talented and effective educator who is able to draw on an ever-rising and versatile repertoire of methods to suit particular kids, academic contexts and studying outcomes. You will learn to design, plan and implement participating, revolutionary and productive studying experiences so as to meet various learners’ wants.

Among the new data out there within the 2008 Indicators are longitudinal information on the concepts and expertise that students master as they transfer via the early grades. For instance, more than ninety % of fifth graders are proficient in multiplication and division, however only about forty % are proficient in rates and measurements, while the proficiency stage for fractions within the fifth grade is barely above 10 p.c. Among twelfth graders, 96 p.c are proficient in simple arithmetic operation on whole numbers, but only 79 p.c are proficient in simple operations with decimals, fractions, powers, and roots, and solely four % are proficient in solving complex multistep phrase issues. Similarly, universities within the United States still award extra doctoral levels in the pure sciences and engineering than these in some … Read More

Teacher Education

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What Interests And Values Are Related To Family And Consumer Sciences?

Education programs normally look related throughout science education programs, which goal individuals planning to show students in grades 6-12. Most science education degree candidates choose an area of specialization, like chemistry, physics, or earth science. Instructional Coordinator Instructional coordinators direct organization and implementation of a college, district, or state curriculum. They may fit with elementary or secondary colleges, colleges, or different academic organizations. While a master’s degree in educating or administration is often required, a bachelor’s degree in education supplies the inspiration for further study and profession advancement.

Master Of Science In Education – Career And Technical Education

FCS Careers Brochure – Detailed details about household and consumer sciences career options. On this site you can post your resume, search jobs, and arrange job alerts.

The Implementation Plan is designed to support the gradual implementation of Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for Science whereas constructing capability within all grade bands. Local districts are encouraged to develop native implementation plans that meet district wants. This sequence offers sources to help information implementation of Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for Science.

The science lab is used to research chemistry, biology, and physics topics. Students are required to understand laboratory safety guidelines and the way to use lab tools, and it is the science teacher’s job to help college students understand these rules. Lesson plans ought to develop an understanding of complicated methods, generate new ideas, make predictions, and apply … Read More