For those of you who work in the position of HRD (Human Resources Department) may not be surprised by the amount of employee turnover in a company. In fact, the entry and exit of employees can be seen from two different sides.
From the aspect of company officials, they consider the employees as ‘fleas’ that are low However, for employees, the company has factors that do not support itself to survive and mostly for employees, the main factor is insufficient salary.

1. Diverse Office Facilities

In addition to high salaries, the main thing that can make an employee comfortable is a variety of facilities. Facilities are provided for employees with the aim that employees feel the workplace as the environment with a familiar atmosphere.
Common facilities that a company can provide are residential facilities, corporate clinics to staff-specific eating areas, but some companies offer gym and wellness centers to gaming centers.

2. Big Benefits

One of the reasons why an employee chooses to work for a large-scale company than a young company offering equal salaries is the allowance. Most large companies offer diverse benefits to their employees.
The most common allowances provided by Indonesian companies are health benefits and pension benefits. However, to improve employee prosperity, many companies have provided living allowances to marriage allowances. Companies that offer such diverse benefits will be more in demand by job seekers. See more to find more information.

3. Friendly Boss

An employee certainly does not want to work under a bossy and unfriendly boss. A good boss can help shape a more friendly work environment. Therefore, if you feel there are employees who have bossy nature, maybe he is the reason the employees under the leadership does not feel at home.

4. A Working Atmosphere that is Kinship

The pleasant working atmosphere is made up of a variety of factors, some of which are friendly colleagues, friendly bosses, and a conducive working environment. A worker prefers to go to work with a pleasant situation rather than an unfavorable work environment. Fun situations can also improve an employee’s performance.