Summer vacation is finally here but it won’t be long before it’s time to start thinking about college. Whether you’re going to be a freshman or a senior college can be a stressful time and it’s important that you make it through with your sanity intact. Having a degree is no good if you’ve gone crazy and can’t use it! Here are 5 simple tips that we think will help you get through college with your sanity and some useful knowledge as well!

  1. Give yourself breaks It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the schedule of college and homework especially if you are working while you’re in school. It’s a good idea to have a day every week set aside that you commit to not doing any homework and not working. It seems like it may be impossible to get everything done and make a living at the same time this way but taking a break will help you be more focused for important things like homework on the days that you decide to work on it. Everyone needs a break so make sure you take one every once in a while!
  2. Do fun things College is all about experiencing things that you will never again have a chance to experience. After college, you will be busy with your new career and possibly even a serious relationship meaning that your amount of free time will be very small. With all the new very important responsibilities you won’t be able to enjoy things like concerts and parties as much. Take this time now to do these kinds of things. Check out a page like this one to find a great deal on a concert so that you don’t feel as bad about spending the money.
  3. Get good grades There is no bigger waste of money than an education that is worthless. College is expensive no matter who is paying for it so make it worth what you’ve put into it. Do what you need to do to pass and pass with good grades. Everyone has at least one class that they may not do so well in but don’t leave college regretting not putting in more effort. If you’re having a hard time with a class check out Khan Academy where you can find lessons and practice for just about anything!
  4. Take care of yourself Don’t leave college without your health! Many graduates leave college with extra weight, emotional baggage, and bad habits that they did not enter in with. Keep up a healthy lifestyle as this will benefit you in all areas of your life. Forming bad habits, no matter what they are, during the college years will not be an easy thing to undo once you leave.
  5. Find support Don’t try to go at it alone. Find a group of friends that have similar interests or are studying something similar and spend time together studying and doing other fun things to do. These years are important years to form friendships that could last a lifetime so take them for granted. Your high school friends may be doing the same thing at their own colleges so don’t think that your loyalty to them has to keep you from forming new friendships!