The Importance of Choosing the Right University for International Students

feature--1The United States has pulled a millions of international students to its universities because the US offers many variety of decisions and some of the best facilities in the world. With more than a thousand universities in the United States, the choices are are practically boundless. Yet, because the options are so varied, choosing which program to go to is not a simple decision. Therefore you need to focus on your needs. Read More→

How Can a College Become a University?

feature--3A College will become a University Once it has been decided by the Department of Education to become one, based on it’s accreditation requirements and School capacity to operate as a University. Read More→

Cheapest Universities in U.S?

feature--2“There is a Huge Price for Education…” as some saying goes, but, even if most Universities seems to have a high cost especially on Foreign Students, still there are plenty of options to study through a scholarship program that will save all or atleast a portion of it will be deduction once you get qualified. Read More→